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Cognitive Capture: Apply the future, now!

Geplaatst door: Charel van Ommeren
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In IT, we are always looking for new and better alternatives. We are spending a lot of time and money in development to help ensure that we are better than the competition. I am asking myself more and more, should I tell the customer upfront that we are the best student in class? Do I tell them that we have the most flexible technology and we are already prepared and ready for the future  of cognitive and perceptive analysis? Will they understand what this new technology does and what it could bring them? Or do I just follow the competition and focus on traditional capture like the customer asks?

Time Machine

You have to know that I am privileged to be a “true blue” IBM ECM Partner. The feeling that I made the right choice is getting stronger every time I talk with other scan and capture vendors in the market. When listening to presentations of competitors, I often feel that I am in a time machine, that takes me back to the stone age. The time where we still had a floppy disk and internet with 28KB upload through a modem.

If you think about it, it is quite strange. IT is developing rapidly. Every two years, processor speed doubles and prices stay the same or go down (Moore’s Law). This allows us to create more content than ever. To have grip on this unstructured content, it must be captured recognized, indexed and used in the customers’ business processes.

In the beginning of the 21st century, capturing was hot and a happy few explored the market. But somehow Moore’s Law did not catch on the Capture market. Most customers still use capture software for standard use cases, such as scanning invoices or digitizing a contract. It helps with their process automation, it works well, so why change it?

But customers seem to act like sheep, only looking at what other organizations are doing. And when they have chosen a solution, they do not change it fast. What they don’t seem to realize is that the development of IBM’s capture software has taken a leap into the new cognitive era .

IBM DataCap

Looking at this technology gap, it makes me excited to tell customers, what IBM Datacap can do for their company and customers. How they can start at the same generation as the competitors , but have the foundation to help expand and grow their business?

IBM Datacap gives customers :

  • Flexibility & scalability; Datacap Rules is designed to allow easy configuration and adjustment of the entire capture process. that can be scaled to meet any demand.
  • Capture independence; Whether it’s best-of-breed in recognition engines, SOA architecture support, several ECM output connectors, choice of databases and scanners, MFP and Mobile Capture capabilities, Datacap gives customers the freedom to choose.
  • Cognitive Capture; Leveraging IBM Watson technology, recognize and extract data from very unstructured, text oriented, documents without the need to create templates,

Let us join our strengths by convincing customers that being a sheep does not bring them the flexibility and competitive advantage they need. Not only new customers looking for a capture solution, but certainly also the installed base .

Go Capture, Get Insight!

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Auteur: Charel van Ommeren