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You need to simplify your document processing? Start thinking about digital archiving. Using metadata and keywords enables you to retrieve your documents swift and flexible, from anywhere, on any device.

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Every manager prefers maximum information about their business processes. Enterprise Content Management (ECM) aids you in delivering this vital information. The ECM-solutions will help you retrieve, sort and analyze your business information to deliver fast and accurate information.
OD Solutions developed application suites to create practical solutions for several business challenges. Read more ->>>


Market analysis shows that paper- and electronic documents  will keep an important role in the business processes of organizations. With IBM Datacap we are able to deliver a solution to automate the process of capturing and distributing this information. Paper document are transformed to electronic files that are indexed, checked and stored in repositories without human intervention.

Big Data

There is an upcoming demand for a connection between ECM and Business Intelligence. Whereas ECM organizes unstructured data, BI organizes structured data. Both deliver information that enables companies to take solid decisions.  The branch that combines the two is called Enterprise Information Management (EIM).


OD Solutions portfolio offers you a path to efficient enterprise content management. Solutions are based on proven IBM products and customized for your organization, like standardized work processes for your employees regarding documents.


IBM has a reputation on stable and proven solutions. OD Solutions has been an Advanced Business Partner for many years. IBM offers an wide range of products, we made a selection of the business products in which companies can manage their content more efficiently.


OD Solutions is quality. To maintain this quality, we partnered with several specialists in our line of business. We are always open to establish other partnerships.



Invoicing has never been more important. Using digital invoicing, you are able to manage the overall invoice process of your company, from receiving invoices through following the invoice during its workflow and archiving.


A web-based capture solution for business. Fast and powerful software, yet easy to use. No limitations in number of scans, scanners or modules.
All you need to scan and OCR your invoices, mail, correspondence or dossiers, whether received on paper or in digital format.


The importance of Human Resource Management increases throughout the years. Employees are major assets of a business. A solid HRM policy keeps your employees satisfied.

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